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Beginners Python

(8/13/22) Session 1: Set Up, Data Types, Variables, Arithmetic Operators

Set Up:
-What is Python and why are we using it in this class?
-IDE and what it is
-Installation of IDE

Data Types:

-What is a variable?
-How to set a variable's value

Arithmetic Operators:
-Addition (+)
-Subtraction (-)
-Multiplication (*)
-Exponent (**)
-Division (/)
-Floor division (//)
-Modulus (%)

(8/14/22) Session 2: Input/Output, Casting, Boolean Logic

-What is the console?
-How to prompt the user for input

-How to cast between the different data types learned last class

Boolean Logic:
- if/else/elif statements
-and, or, not (!)

(8/20/22) Session 3: Container data types

(8/21/22) Session 4: Iteration/enumerate
-For loop
-While loop
-What enumerate is and how you can use it in iteration

(8/27/22) Session 5: functions, try/except
-How to define a function (setting parameters, return statements, etc.)
-What is try/except and how to use it

(8/28/22) Session 6: Workday 1 (Module Introduction + Group Project Workday)

(Session 7 on 9/3/22 and Session 8 on 9/4/22) Session 7 & 8: Workday 2 & 3 (Group Projects Finishing Touches + Presentation Help)

(9/5/22) Session 9: Presentations, finale, and mentor code + advertisement for intermediate courses

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