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Beginners Python

Sathya Padmanabhan (Head instructor)

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4 weeks



In this four-week course, our instructors will take you through the basics of Python programming and introductory programming concepts. The skills you will acquire from this course are crucial in building your programming foundation, especially if you plan to pursue computer science in the future! Throughout the course, example problems and detailed explanations will be provided to help reinforce the material. Towards the end of the course, we will guide you through building your own culminating project and making a presentation to explain how your program works. The last session will be your chance to showcase your program and the knowledge you have gained over the past four weeks.

Our qualifications:

All of our instructors have either advanced Python knowledge or have gotten 5s on the AP Computer Science Principles and/or AP Computer Science A exams. They are willing to help YOU in any way possible to make sure you excel.

Your Teacher

Sathya Padmanabhan (Head instructor)

Sathya Padmanabhan (Head instructor)

Hey! My name is Sathya Padmanabhan, a senior at BASIS Chandler, and I will be one of the Python Instructors for this stunning Bootcamp. I have approximately 4 years of Python experience and have excelled at all AP computer science courses at my school. I have also been a part of InspiritAI's winter coding camp run by Stanford alumni and have received the best presentation award for it. I have coded multiple projects, AI applications, and currently use Python in my academic research as well. I am excited to meet you all at the Bootcamp, so sign-up today for a wonderful experience!




Start Date


Class Duration

4 weeks


9 (check the timeline for exact dates)

Class Time

Sunday 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. MST (Phoenix, Arizona time)

Student Limit


Recommended Age




Course Materials

A computer with the ability to install/run Python

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