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College Webinar

Hosted By:

Dheeti Deliwala & Shriya Shah

Event Date:

Mar 20, 2022

Event Details:


Need advice on college, or have no idea what to study? Worried that your SAT and PSAT scores aren't enough to get you into your dream college? Join us on Sunday, March 20th at 6 p.m. to listen in on how our speakers survive college. Your fears about your lacking resume will be answered, questions on time management and scheduling will be settled, and any individual concerns will surely be addressed!

In the college webinar, we'll be talking about:

  • Applying to college 

  • College vs. High School life

  • The benefits of staying in state

  • Going out of state

  • Why ASU?

Dheeti Deliwala is our first speaker for this webinar. She's a junior at the honors college at ASU. She is a National Merit Finalist and pursuing a bachelor's degree in computer science and political science. Throughout high school, she participated in many clubs, such as Red Cross, National Honors Society, and Model United Nations.

Shriya Shah is our second speaker for this webinar. She is a freshman at Arizona State University pursuing a bachelor's in Business global politics and a minor in Supply Chain management. She has applied to 28 universities and has three years of experience in tutoring students to write and edit college and high school essays. In high school, she was the student body president, India Association president, and a part-time Speech and debate coach, while having heavy involvement in community service and the arts in and outside of school.

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