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College Masterclass

Hosted By:

Justin Sung, Kevin Zhen, Justin Du, and Marilynn Quintana

Event Date:

Mar 6, 2021

Event Details:


Project PWR is hosting its first Master Class! Join us to learn everything you need to know about college, from the factors to get into college, the transition to college, and also college admissions!

Webinar 1: How to be prepared at Transition from Highschool to College

Taught by Justin Sung.

This webinar will talk about the transition from high school to college, including what to expect and the main differences between them. Justin will also share his personal experiences and his do's and don't-do's. In addition to that, Justin will talk about how to be successful in high school but also in college.

About Justin Sung

Justin is a Junior at Yale University majoring in Computer Science and Psychology. He currently works under Dr. Dana Small to further the development and distribution of affordable, accessible COVID-19 tests. In his free time, he enjoys playing chess, reading, and singing shanties.

Webinar 2: What do Top Colleges look for?

Taught by Kevin Zhen.

In this webinar, Kevin will be sharing tips and things he wishes he'd known at your age to get into your dream college. His methods have gotten countless of his past students into top colleges such as Harvard, Stanford, and Yale. In this webinar, he will be sharing the 3 most important factors:

1. Leadership

2. Diversity

3. Fit

About Kevin Zhen 

Born and raised in Miami, FL Kevin Zhen recently graduated from Yale University where he majored in East Asian Studies.

During college, he co-founded “Homecooked,” a social dining app that organized small, communal meals at the homes of local cooks. A passionate writing tutor and life coach, Kevin has also taught more than 50 students for over 800+ hours at iLearnWorld, an online tutoring company based out of Birmingham, AL.

Outside of academics and work, Kevin has also won international breakdancing competitions and is one of the chief organizers of the annual Hip Hop Block Party. He is devoted to exploring innovative ways in which technology can be used to disrupt education, real-estate, and more.

Webinar 3: Road Path in College

Taught by Justin Du.

This webinar session goes over financing, college plans, and internships, in addition to his own experiences as a college student. In addition to that, Justin will go over his college life, such as his social life and how he balances it with academics.

Self Introduction

Hi, my name is Justin Du, and I am a first-semester junior at Yale studying Economics on a pre-med track. Outside of class, I pursue CS-related interests and research and love to play tennis and watch TV shows with friends and family.

Webinar 4: The College Application Process

Taught by Marilynn Quintana

In this webinar, Marilynn Quintana will go over the college admission process step by step. At the end of the webinar, she will do a 15 min Q&A session.

About Marilynn Quintana

Marilynn Aranda works with Admission Services at Arizona State University currently working with the Chandler Unified, Florence Unified, and Peoria Unified school districts. Marilynn received her BA in human communication from ASU and her master’s in leadership and management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

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