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Hosted By:

Sunny Vakkalanka & Sathya Padmanabhan

Event Date:

Jul 23, 2022

Event Details:


In this 3 week event, Sathya and Sunny will be reviewing PSAT/SAT material for the first 3 sessions of our class. will be going over some of the introductory terms and information and then segue into the Black Book and Khan Academy related practice. This practice will be detailed and will provide you with explanation after every problem. The ACT sessions will be the next 3 and will follow a structure similar to the SAT classes. In the ACT sessions, the teachers will go over practice exams and provide explanations to the answers while giving you tips and tricks you can utilize to ace your next exam. Throughout the course, our instructors will also be directing you to some videos and extra practice exams that you can complete and grade on your time. This will serve as a benchmark as you progress through the class.

About the Hosts:

Sunny Vakkalanka is an incoming senior at Arizona College Prep High School. He scored in the top one percent on the SAT, PSAT, and ACT. In addition, he has earned other math club competition awards. Outside of school, he participates in Boy Scouts (this event is actually his Eagle Project), rifle shooting, and volunteering at the Hamilton Library.

Sathya Padmanabhan is an incoming senior at BASIS Chandler. He has received a perfect score on the ACT and has valuable tips and tricks you need to know for the ACT exam! Sathya is passionate about helping students obtain the academic help they need in his free time. He runs a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, called Brillianaire, which provides online tutoring, events, and educational YouTube videos.

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